Snow is Here

While we were all trying to pretend the snow wasn’t going to come, it showed its face at rush hour traffic when no one in Toronto was expecting it, turning that 10 minute drive home into grid lock traffic for over an hour. All i could think about last night as all i could see ahead of me was brake lights and snow, was thank god i have my winter tires on, changed my brakes and new wipers!!

So don’t wait a minute longer thinking winter will go away if we don’t talk about it!

Winter is here and Dignity Auto is on your side!

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Excellent auto repair is all in the process

Auto repairs blog

Excellent Auto Repair Processes. To the average customer, what they see at an auto repair facility is how well the staff interacts with them, that they drop off their vehicle in one condition, and that they pick up their vehicle in better condition. However, there is so much more that goes into the auto repair process.

From simple mechanical repair to extensive auto body repair,Dignity Repairs is always striving to excel in the following processes: Communication at each step of the repair to keep customers informed. Documented workflow processes to make the repair work more efficient. Check-lists and verification processes with each step of the process.


Two way communication with each Insurance company to make certain the customer gets the best possible auto body repair experience. Though we have terrific processes in place, we are always asking questions and exploring new ways to make things better. Our process improvement initiative is what has allowed Dignity repairs  to grow the size of our facility, remodel our waiting area, expand the number of insurance companies that list us as a preferred vendor, and keep a long-established reputation as the premier auto repair facility in the region.

If you want the full customer experience here at Robert’s Collision & Repair, we invite you to schedule an appointment for any of our five auto repair services: Detailing Services Tire and Wheel Alignment Services Mechanical Repair and Auto Body Repair Paint Services Interested in learning more about our processes?

Dundas Street

Stop by or contact Dignity Auto Repairs at 416-977-1400. We are conveniently located at 626 Dundas Street West. Toronto, ON M5T 1H7 as you’re driving into Toronto Downtown. See you soon!