3 tips for spring auto maintenance

Tips for Spring auto maintenance (1)

Spring is nearing you can see the snow leaving, you can see clearly on the road and the horizon is clear ahead. Well except for the rainy days… Still many people don’t know what are important things to look at for Spring time auto maintenance. Today Dignity Repairs is going to share three tips for auto maintenance in the spring.

  1. Check batteries, plugs and wires– All these components give the power to your vehicle. Without these you are stuck roadside seeking the help of a friendly stranger. Test and replace your old batteries, plugs and wires. Especially if they are over two years old.
  2. Tire pressure– Nothing sucks like being stuck with a flat tire on the side of the road! Winter weather can actually reduce the  pressure in your tire. In Toronto you have 5 months of cold weather beating on your tires. Just think in this case it is better to be safe than sorry!
  3. Check fluid levels– There are lots of things to check  do not miss any of them. Engine oil needs to be checked, so does transmission fluid, brake fluid, antifreeze/coolant and, yes, even wind-shield washer fluid. Commonly brake fluid is a big issue in the spring time.

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$45 Car wash & Free inspection Weekend offer

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Hey Toronto, Dignity Repairs is here to serve customers like you. From the LGBTQ, to women and even immigrants because we know some garages don’t serve with Dignity. We make sure everyone feels welcome in a Dignity Repairs garage. Below is our special weekend promotion where we offer a free vehicle inspection with a car wash. That way we can tell you if there is anything wrong with your vehicle or you can discuss any concerns with us.

At Dignity Repairs, we don’t rely on vehicle repairs to pay our overhead. So we make sure to give you a deal with Dignity when you are serviced in our garage.

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Welcome to the car spa

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With every oil change

  • get free lube
  •  fluids topped up
  • wind-shield washer, transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid.


  • free car spa package
  • Free All purpose cleaner
  • Window Glass Cleaner
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Leather vynal cleaner
  • Shampooing


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3 signs an auto-mechanic is going to rip you off

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Welcome to our virtual space for Dignity Repairs some of our specialities partially include Car washes and auto repairs. At Dignity Repairs we recognize that not all auto mechanics do what is best for the customer. Let us face it some mechanics think they can rip off the customers especially if they are LGBTQ or female. They assume that the customers know nothing about cars, repair and engine maintenance.

  1. The auto shop only offers repairs– If an auto shop only offers repairs they need to inflate their costs to cover overhead, pay hourly wages and their advertising fees.Which creates an inflated costs which is the last thing an automotive owner needs in this day. At Dignity Repairs we offers a multiple of services and businesses under one roof, so that we can better pay our overhead. We also can offer a flat fee to save the customer money in the long run process.
  2. The mechanic only talks to a man– Yes sadly some scam sale tactics are sexist.  By putting forward a communication style that only speaks with the man who is also in the auto shop. They present a hyper masculine and gruff sales style which says “The man is the only one who can understand vehicles.” In the meantime they probably know that to be false then rip him off anyways. By the way if anyone is sexist in an auto shop you should probably walk out because it is disrespectful and they are unprofessional.
  3. Straying from price– They quote you a lower price, then tell you something different after inspection for the same service. Also if the auto mechanics charge for inspection they are probably going to overcharge you.  At Dignity Repairs we do not charge for the inspection because we want to do what is best for your the customer. You may want to ask your possible mechanic why they charge for your inspection and why they are not more happy to be receiving your business.

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