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Hey Toronto, Dignity Repairs is here to serve customers like you. From the LGBTQ, to women and even immigrants because we know some garages don’t serve with Dignity. We make sure everyone feels welcome in a Dignity Repairs garage. Below is our special weekend promotion where we offer a free vehicle inspection with a car wash. That way we can tell you if there is anything wrong with your vehicle or you can discuss any concerns with us.

At Dignity Repairs, we don’t rely on vehicle repairs to pay our overhead. So we make sure to give you a deal with Dignity when you are serviced in our garage.

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The Devil is in detailing

Devil in detailing


Detailing they say, “The Devil is in the details”, but not at Dignity Auto Repair and Hand Car Wash. Our detailing process removes those little devils that scratched your auto’s paint and made it lose its shine. We have a top-of-the-line auto detailing center here at Dignity’s Auto Repair and Hand Car Wash. In another blog, we talked about how you could take your automobile to the “Dignity car spa” here and give it a “facial”.

Well, our detailing center puts the on the finishing touches for a new-car-finish look. Our detailing specialists hand wash all the cars and offer paint protection packages, Wheel Brite, and Tire Shine. Want us to recondition the interior with our cleaners and shampoos? We can do it. Want us to thoroughly clean your carpets and seats?

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We can do it. Want to remove your vehicle’s paint scratches and have a paint finish that sparkles like new again? We can do it. We make your auto body experience simple and easy at Dignity Auto Repair and Hand Car Wash. Call now at 416-977-1400 to schedule your car’s “facial” with our Detailing Center. We’d love to help you fall in love with your car all over again.

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What to do when the Check Engine light comes on

Check engine light


You are driving along, and suddenly, your vehicle’s check engine light starts flashing. What does this mean, and exactly what should you do next?

Basically, check engine lights monitor your car’s performance. When that light is on, your car has diagnosed an electronic-control system and is unable to repair it. The check engine light means different things for different models of car, so start reading your car’s manual. The problem in your vehicle’s engine may be a small one or something more worrisome.

It is important to take care of the problem as quickly as possible. Bring your car into Robert’s Auto Repair as soon as the check engine light begins to flash. When the check engine light comes on, it, usually, signifies one of the following reasons: Oxygen sensor needs replacing: If you do not replace this, you can lose up to 40% of fuel in the long run.

Something is wrong with the gas cap: If you let a faulty gas cap go unnoticed, you, most likely, be making extra trips to the gas station. Catalytic converter needs to be replaced: A broken catalytic converter means your car will run at a higher, more dangerous temperature.

Mass air flow sensor needs replacing: Once again, a broken mass air flow sensor means you will be making extra, unnecessary trips to the gas station. Spark plugs or plug wires need to be replaced: If you let this go unfixed, your vehicle will begin to run poorly. When your car’s check engine light starts to flash, don’t let it go unnoticed. Your car is trying to tell you something, and it would be wise not to ignore it.

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To schedule an appointment, or walk in call 416-977–1400. Dignity Auto Repairs and Services is conveniently located at 626 Dundas Street West. Toronto, ON M5T 1H7. Happy Road Trip , Commute

Starting your engine on a cold day

Starting your car on a cold day  (1)


Good Day Toronto, Tip for Drivers, warm up your vehicle before driving , if drove with a cold car engine, may cause damage to your engine functions. Call us at 416-977-1400  for free road side service. Dignity Repairs is here to help you around the clock helping hands along the road. No repairs are small or big we handle all our clients repairs, services and maintenance of there valuable vehicle with the same excellence and profession. Today take advantage of Free Car Wash with Oil Change and get bonus We will top up you vehicle fluids for FREE


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Welcome to the car spa

welcome to the car spa.png

With every oil change

  • get free lube
  •  fluids topped up
  • wind-shield washer, transmission fluid, steering fluid, brake fluid.


  • free car spa package
  • Free All purpose cleaner
  • Window Glass Cleaner
  • Car Wash Soap
  • Leather vynal cleaner
  • Shampooing


Call 416-977-1400 for more details.


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