Create Your Own

So i am single handed trying to make the car industry some what change in more of a customer friendly way. So customers have more control on when they can get their cars worked on or detailed whatever that customer needs. In this process i have come up with the create your own detail.

Sounds crazy, i can hear it now ” how do you create a detail”. Well this is how. You circle the type of car you have that has a base rate for the start of a car wash. Example if you have a Honda Civic sedan 4 door you circle the 4DR $20 and then follow down to the next part and that is options for the out side. Sounds again a little weird because how many options could there be? Well there are a few, we do everything from cleaning rims to different types of waxes to engine cleans and under body washes. After Selecting the out side you head to the inside selecting having your windows done to shine to just an inside cleaning and vacuum. Now the options are yours you don’t have to get the whole package just what you want done.

Doesn’t that sound like something you should try?! I think so!!

Give us a call at 416-977-1400 or email me at and book in your appointment! You can also text us at 289-552-3774


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