Summer Car Needs

We are coming into the warmer season and there are some things that  need to be improved on you car or taken care of. A lot of things that come up in conversation when it comes to new car owners are these questions:

Is it really important to have two sets of tires?

Do you actually have to change your oil every 5000kms?

How do I get salt out of my carpets and off my mats?

I was told I should get my car rust proofed is that true?

I’m here to answer those questions. Its not Important to have a set of summer and a set of winter tires. The only reason we as dealers recommend having two sets of tires is because in the long run your tires will last your two times as long as having only one set as your pushing those tires in snow and winter and some times for 2 or 3 years where switching it every season will prevent that from happening and you could have them for 5-6 years.

Yes Getting your Oil Changed every 5000 kms is preferred because its going to help your engine from braking down as everything runs because of the oil going into your engine.

Getting salt on your carpets can be cleaned even at home with boiling water and vinegar and I little bit of muscle.

Getting your car rust proofed is smart because it prevents rust. 100 people don’t do it and 100 people do it just depends on how long you plan on keeping your car if you make sure the car doesn’t rust or even having it done can increase your sale value 20%.


These are just some little tips to help our new car owners.


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