Summer time automotive maintenance tips

Summer time automotive maintenance tips.png

Hey Toronto, it is Ashton Deroy again writing for the Dignity Repairs blog. If you haven’t already, you need to be asking yourself. What should I look at in my transportation as we begin to turn from winter to spring and summer. 

Well here is some things you might be over looking: 

  1. Tire pressure changes – A warn down or misaligned tire can be extremely dangerous. To check your tire pressure use what is referred to as a penny trick on your tires. Heavily worn tread can cause dangerous driving condition. If you can see any part of the picture of the penny.You should replace your tires. 
  2. Change your oil – Every 7,500 miles your oil needs to be changed. Usually this time comes around the time of the change in seasons. 
  3. Check fluid levels – If the car happens to be your summer car and it has been in storage all winter. You should check transmission, power steering and differential. 


Thank you for reading the Dignity Repairs blog. For all your change of season automotive needs go to Dignity Repairs in Toronto Ontario. 

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5 thoughts on “Summer time automotive maintenance tips

  1. Scorching summer could pose a threat to your car. So, you have to follow few maintenance tips for the sake of your vehicle. You should keep your cooling system ready. It prevents engine from heating, so that it can function properly. The engine oil is to be checked and if required, you should change it. The tire pressure also to be maintained properly. Due to overheating, pressure inside tires increases and it could even burst at any time. You can make an appointment with an expert for top tips to combat the effects of the season.


  2. A warm weather directly impacts on the performance of the vehicle and may leads to chance of breakdown of it when you are driving it. In order to overcome the problem of failure of your car during summer season you have to check its tires condition by observing the tire pressure. You need to change oil in every 7,500 miles to keep your engine free from the chance of getting clogged and enhance the performance of it. Maintaining fluid level of transmission shaft, power steering makes your vehicle fit to run on the road smoothly.


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