3 Easy beginner cars to drive

3 Good beginner cars.png

Hello and welcome to Dignity Repairs official blog. when you are first beginning to drive you do not want the most complicated car to start driving. High prices, easy handling and insurance costs are all things you need to consider in getting your first car. The three cars below are great recommendations for beginner cars to drive:

Hyundai I10


This car is not the priciest car. Plus with the easy handling it makes it a great first car for a young person under 20. Plus can you really see a younger person drag racing this car? This car screams safety and that is all.

Honda Civic

Honda Civic.jpg

This car is durable, solid and safe. If well maintained it can go over 250,000 miles with out a problem. It is not a hassle to fix and in a silver colour it is not going to be expensive to get insurance for. Not to mention Honda’s have a long standing reputation for saving money on gas.


1998-2004 Toyota Tacoma


This truck is recommended for a first time driver because it is a rugged tough truck with easy handling. Plus the truck has a solid reputation for handling off road.

The only problem with this vehicle is it is a bit of a gas guzzler.



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