Where will the first charge points be likely in Canada.

Where will be Canada's first charging points for electric cars

Charging up a vehicle is going to be the future of the automotive industry. The benefits include that it is always will going to cost less than fossil fuels. So how many miles do you think we will be able to get from a charge point in Canada in the future. At the moment charge-points have collected a 50 million dollars for expanding their projects in the future.

Where do you think the first charge points where be in Canada if I had to take a guess?

Vancouver, British Columbia

Vancouver BC

Vancouver in British Columbia is one of the most Liberal cities in all of Canada. In fact walking down the street in broad daylight you would not be surprised to find out a local smells of pot already. However there is a lot of industry in this city for example research jobs and Data entry. So it stands to reason with some of the high tech industry already existing with in Vancouver there would likely be a quick expansion for the electric vehicles to enter this market.


Urban Toronto.png

Toronto Ontario as has already announced and unveiled some of their vehicle charge points in the city. As the capital of Ontario, and one of Canada’s thriving economic cities. It is no surprise that Toronto has already unveiled some charge points in Canada. Go to UrbanToronto.ca for more details.

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