Common Vehicle breakdowns

3 common types of vehicle breakdowns

Hello WordPress today on Dignity Repairs we are going to discuss the most common types of vehicle breakdowns. Below is the type of vehicle breakdowns with the sub heading.

Flat or faulty batteries

Most common cause of vehicle breakdowns are broken terminals or issues with the clamps on a battery terminal. Check that your terminals are clear of grease, or anything that can compromise use of the vehicle battery.

Damaged tires or wheels

Kerb impact can damage the side walls of your tires. Make sure you always carry a spare tire or an effective extra tire.

Alternator faults

Persistent battery problems, dim headlights when the engine is stalling. These can be evidence of a failing alternator.

Dundas Street

For any of these issues come to Dignity Repairs in Toronto, conveniently located at 626 Dundas Street West, Dignity Auto Repair will be delighted to help make your vehicle look fabulous again. Contact us today for an appointment.

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2 thoughts on “Common Vehicle breakdowns

  1. I’m kind of shocked that the most common breakdowns are related to faulty batteries and alternators. I happen to have a battery connector that is a little loose and cracked. I should probably replace it soon so I don’t make it into the statistics.


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