How to save money on Gasoline


Thank you for coming to read the Dignity Repairs blog. Summer time is coming so that means the price increase of our gasoline resource.  That makes people always wonder what are things I can do to save the money I spend on gas? Here are some tips so that you aren’t losing a fortune at the gas pumps.


1.) Less temperature control – Gasoline is wasted in generating the heat for your vehicle, the less focus on temperature control the less gas used.

2.) Buy gas earlier or later in the day – Peak times mean the prices will be higher to take advantage of the demand.

3.) Strategic braking – sudden breaking isn’t just hard on your break pads. It is hard on your gasoline usage. Leave a strategic amount of room between your vehicle and the vehicle ahead. Do not leave enough room that the person behind you runs in to your back end!

4.) Reduce idling time – Waiting for someone is not a good use of starting your motor.

5.) Avoid desperate tank fills – Fill up your gas tank when you see a gas station not when you need it. Filling up last minute often makes you pay more at the pumps for the convenience.

6.) Monitor your tire inflation – Friction directly impacts how well your vehicle moves. Meaning =KMs per litre.

7. )Change fuel filters– Especially if you live in a dusty area a filter can impact directly how fast fuel is used in your vehicle.

8.) Choose the best pathway – The closest path to where you are going obviously means the lowest amount of fuel used.

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