How to make your move a smooth process!

Make your move a smooth process

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Hey Toronto, it is almost moving season for the college students. This summer all of the college students should be moved at the latest by August so they have plenty of time to learn the routes to and from school.  Here are some tips that are going to make your moving experience as little of a pain as possible. The difference between using these detailed tips and not is the difference between a smooth move and a not so smooth move.

  • Drive safely
  • Pack items firmly and closely
  • Load the heaviest items first in front and on the floor
  • Have all your boxes packed before you go to pick up your rental truck or trailer
  • Mark each box with its contents and destination room
  • Choose a packing room ahead of time and box up a few things each day
  • Plan ahead with a moving reservation at 416-977-1400. Speak to Umair or one of our dedicated staff.
  • Pack your boxes strategically, by taking extra care of fragile items
  •  Secure the back door of the moving truck or trailer with a padlock.
  • Make sure your doors are locked.
  •  Park your rental equipment legally and in a welllit area.
  •  Back up your rental equipment as close as possible to a garage door, building, or wall.
  • If you can, park another vehicle in front of the moving truck.
  •  When parking your vehicle at a hotel, park close to entry doors and park in a well-lit area.
  • – When parking your vehicle at a restaurant, try to park where you can see it from the window.
  • Most common mistakes to avoid: Not planning ahead
  • Waiting until the last minute to reserve a truck or trailer Not packing boxes ahead of time.


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make the arrangements for loading and unloading help (learn more by visiting us or call 416-977-1400).


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