Why Auto detailing matters

Auto-Detailing .png

Your value

With a lack of appeal your vehicle diminishes in value and if you are going on a date you do to. You are what you drive and if you look like you are driving a beat up vehicle people begin to knock over the dominos that are you.


Automobile Resale value

On average Canadians keep their cars for 5 years before trading in or trading up. In this time your vehicle has met Canadian winter 5 TIMES! Which can cause scratches, paint issues rust, and the damage from the snow on the interior carpets.


Sales fact

In selling anything from a home to care you always want to make sure you are putting your best foot forward to get your fair market value. Preparation of your car for selling with detailing is essential to creating your MVP in selling. People will use subtle damages to talk up a more than deserved discount. It is a fact!




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