Today News Mechanic Mystery

Today we worked on a customers Nissan Altima. When he came in i asked him whats wrong with the car like any standard Adviser would do, and he told me straight up i was driving and the car lost power, then i re started the car and it was fine. I went to re-start it yesterday morning and it wouldn’t start. So now its here on the tow truck. I think its an alternator or the starter possibly.

So i take down his information take down the keys and i proceed to work up the repair order for out mechanic. Nashon looks at the car and its not the battery its not the started, we check the alternator and its powering so, next he checks the fuel pump. No Gas flow from the pump to the engine! Now its figured out we call confirm the quote and order the part.

Part gets here and we start putting the part in and when taking out the old fuel pump we notice that its completely burnt out and the floater isnt working. Well when looking again into the tank and theres no gas.

So we replace the pump and add some gas in the car start it up and it starts fine, so when the customer comes we ask him about the gas and explain why this happen to help prevent this from happening again and he told us he puts 20 in every time we crosses a gas station but never looked at the gas level.

After Explaining he should be filling the tank and not letting it run out he understood! Moral of the story, give your car everything it needs and it will give you what you need back!


Create Your Own

So i am single handed trying to make the car industry some what change in more of a customer friendly way. So customers have more control on when they can get their cars worked on or detailed whatever that customer needs. In this process i have come up with the create your own detail.

Sounds crazy, i can hear it now ” how do you create a detail”. Well this is how. You circle the type of car you have that has a base rate for the start of a car wash. Example if you have a Honda Civic sedan 4 door you circle the 4DR $20 and then follow down to the next part and that is options for the out side. Sounds again a little weird because how many options could there be? Well there are a few, we do everything from cleaning rims to different types of waxes to engine cleans and under body washes. After Selecting the out side you head to the inside selecting having your windows done to shine to just an inside cleaning and vacuum. Now the options are yours you don’t have to get the whole package just what you want done.

Doesn’t that sound like something you should try?! I think so!!

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Steam Clean Everything!

Today i took a steam cleaner to a co workers floor mat trying out new things. Seeing what works and what didn’t, what i didn’t realize was how well it worked just by its self. Having the steam at the right temperature and going at the carpet with just steam then brush it out as i went it turned out better then i could have ever expected.

Steam is the new clean. Plastic, everything it works so well im going to post pictures and if anyone that views the blog calls in to book we will give you 50% off your detail!


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Old or New

We work on all year, make and model of cars. We do all repairs and make sure everything is up working the way you want it to. We will get parts from any where to make sure we have our customers satisfied with how their car is running. We have the lowest labor rate in Toronto and the friendliest staff.

We can let you know if your car is ready for e-test and safety, and if they aren’t we can fix anything to make sure it passes with flying colors.

I know you probably have that hobby car in the garage that hasn’t had work done to it in years. Come by Dignity Auto and let us do the work for you so you can sit back and enjoy the ride.


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Welding Thursday Away

Today we are working on a 2000 Subaru Forster. We are replacing the entire exhaust system and have come to hit a couple bumps in the road. This exhaust is designed to flex with the car as it moves, when someone had some a previous repair they just make the pipe a straight pipe and because the pipe had no give we had to thing of a way to make everything work. Our solution, change the curve of the flex pipe and have the flex pipe give the flex it needed. Simple repair and low cost.


Some times its smarted to repair the area needed then to replace. Its more cost effective and we believe you shouldnt have to replace the entire working line or pipe if its a small section to be replaced and it wont effect the quality of the vehicle we always recommend going ahead with the simple repairNashon Weld

AC not working.. We have a fix

We have all your fixes right here. Small Leak in the line? Problem solved we have ac sealer here and that will fix any minor leak in your system and help cool up that air really quick and get you in your car without you melting.

Our Tech has 20 years of experience with AC and there isn’t much he cant fix. Give us a call and we will give you a quote for the repair.

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Summer Car Needs

We are coming into the warmer season and there are some things that  need to be improved on you car or taken care of. A lot of things that come up in conversation when it comes to new car owners are these questions:

Is it really important to have two sets of tires?

Do you actually have to change your oil every 5000kms?

How do I get salt out of my carpets and off my mats?

I was told I should get my car rust proofed is that true?

I’m here to answer those questions. Its not Important to have a set of summer and a set of winter tires. The only reason we as dealers recommend having two sets of tires is because in the long run your tires will last your two times as long as having only one set as your pushing those tires in snow and winter and some times for 2 or 3 years where switching it every season will prevent that from happening and you could have them for 5-6 years.

Yes Getting your Oil Changed every 5000 kms is preferred because its going to help your engine from braking down as everything runs because of the oil going into your engine.

Getting salt on your carpets can be cleaned even at home with boiling water and vinegar and I little bit of muscle.

Getting your car rust proofed is smart because it prevents rust. 100 people don’t do it and 100 people do it just depends on how long you plan on keeping your car if you make sure the car doesn’t rust or even having it done can increase your sale value 20%.


These are just some little tips to help our new car owners.